Audition: 2nd Oboe

Audition:  2nd Oboe, Symphony of the Mountains

September 9, 2019

You will be notified of the time after August 15 or when your deposit is received.

To apply please mail a one-page résumé and a $25 deposit (check made payable to the Symphony of the Mountains), which will be refunded at time of audition or if a cancellation notice is received by August 26, 2019.  You can also email the résumé and phone in your deposit by credit card. Résumé and deposit must be received in the SOTM office by August 26, 2019.

Please send all required materials to:

Symphony of the Mountains 
attn: Teresa Holland Lundberg
1200 E. Center Street
Kingsport, TN  37660
Phone: 423.392.8423

Symphony of the Mountains is an Equal Opportunity Employer and an employer with zero tolerance for discrimination or harassment in the workplace.

Second Oboe Audition List


1st Movement exposition of the Mozart Oboe Concerto or the Strauss Oboe Concerto or a movement of a Baroque or Classical concerto of your choice


Beethoven                              Symphony No. 6: 3rd Movement, bar 91-122
Rossini                                    The Silken Ladder: Beginning until bar 145
Bizet                                        Symphony No. 1: 2nd Movement Adagio: 1 before square 7 to the end


Beethoven                              Symphony No. 6: 1st Movement, Bar 311-329
Berlioz                                    Damnation of Faust: first 24 measures of presto e leggero
Brahms                                   Symphony No. 2: opening to measure 26
Dvorak                                    Symphony No. 7: 2nd Movement, opening 8 measures
Prokofiev                                Classical Symphony: 3rd Movement (Gavotte), rehearsal C to D
Prokofiev                                Classical Symphony, 4th Movement: 5 after B to 13 after E, I to 5 after J, 5 after M to 1 after S


Dvorak                                     New World Symphony: solos
Berlioz                                      Roman Carnival: Andante Sostenuto until rehearsal number 4