Youth and Primo Audition Information

Symphony of the Mountains Youth Orchestra

2019 Audition Information

Auditions will be done by submitting a video of you playing a solo which highlights your strengths, and a few short excerpts. See links below to excerpts for your instrument:

Submit your excerpt as soon as you can, but no later than August 18, 2019.

Video Auditions

Video yourself using your smart phone. When complete please email the

video file to


A short 2-3 minute solo of your choosing which best demonstrates your best

qualities, whether it be lyrical, technical, or what ever you choose.


Choose one of the two excerpts to submit as part of your audition. Count

through all rests in excerpts, unless they are cut out via brackets or X. The rests

are part of the music! If available, obtain a recording of each work so you can

learn the context of the excerpts.


Thank you and good luck!