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Raising Awareness of Homelessness in Appalachia and Across America

Symphony of the Mountains commissioned a violin concerto entitled “Paths to Dignity”. The work addresses the “Paths to Dignity” for people who are homeless and will be performed at the Toy F. Reid Auditorium in Kingsport on April 1 at 7:30pm.

Around the concert, extensive outreach will help raise awareness and educate our communities about the issues of people who are homeless and will provide music in places where individuals and families who are unsheltered can enjoy it. When most people think about how they might help, they tend to think of the basic needs for survival. But music is as essential to the soul as food is to our bodies.

By providing live music to people who are un-housed we can enhance their quality of life for a moment and maybe give hope, inspiration, and peace.

Recognizing the importance of this program, Symphony of the Mountains plans to continue the “Paths to Dignity” project into the next season and beyond.

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