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Since 1946, Symphony of the Mountains has been at the center of artistic life in the Mountain Empire. Our Mission of cultural excellence is at the heart of what we do, and that excellence is our commitment to you.

Under the direction of Cornelia Laemmli Orth, our fully professional orchestra performs repertoire representative of many regions and nationalities – European Classical, American Popular and Jazz, Appalachian Folk, and many varieties of World Music. Voices of the Mountains, directed by Dr. Matthew V. Potterton, is our 70-member chorus that continues to delight audiences with Renaissance Motets, Baroque Cantatas, Gospel Spirituals, and the music of Broadway. This broad array of repertoire allows us the opportunity to celebrate artistic music that is familiar to us and, at the same time, enrich our experience by exploring the music of other cultures.

Symphony of the Mountains also celebrates our musical heritage by offering musical education opportunities to our young people. Our two Youth Orchestras rehearse throughout the academic year and perform two concerts for the general public and one for 1,500 of their student peers as the Celia Smith Bachelder Youth for Youth Concert. We also send musicians into the public schools to introduce 6,000 children to the wonders of music. Lastly, we partner with the Bristol YWCA to offer music lessons at no charge to those students for whom music instruction might otherwise be inaccessible. Through these education programs, we are investing in our future and transforming young lives.

Symphony of the Mountains is an organization reflective of the many modes of artistic expression that have always permeated this region. Indeed in Southern Appalachia, we have always communicated the value of our humanity to one another and to our children through music and art. That expression allows us to celebrate our values, enliven our spirits and nourish our souls.

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